How to donate:
1) Checks can be made out to Total Family Outreach.
2) Please put "Obukuumi" in the memo.
3) Total Family Outreach is a 501(c)3, Non-Profit in the USA.

Checks can be mailed to:
Megan Parker
4201 S. 35th St.
Arlington, VA 22206

or use PayPal on the right of the page to sign up for a monthly sponsorship:

Pledge to sponsor a child. Sponsorship is $35 a month. You can sign up for sponsorship by e-mailing us at We will send you information of the child you are sponsoring and then you can pay using the PayPal on the right of the page. We can answer your questions about sponsorship here. If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so much for considering to support Obukuumi. 

If you can't support us financially, consider...

1. PRAYER. You can be praying for the children and the families enrolled in the sponsorship program.  Pray for our wisdom as the program is just starting out.  Pray we stay humble and aware of changes that need to be made.  There is no room for pride as we are starting a program that is focused on children and fragile family situations. 

2. INVITE OBUKUUMI TO YOUR EVENTS.  Have something going on at your church, college, high school, or work place?  Do you know of any concerts, craft shows, or festivals?  We will be selling  handmade Ugandan crafts over Summer 2011. All proceeds benefit Obukuumi, and the children enrolled in the sponsorship program.  Email us at