Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mebra and Isaac


Yesterday (Friday) I went with Aaron to visit Mebra and Isaac at their home in Bugembe.  The twins returned home a little while back. They now live with their Father, Simon and a 9 year old brother.  For those of you who have been follow Obukuumi since the beginning, you remember that Mebra and Isaac's situation gave us the vision for this project.   After meeting Simon and seeing how hard it was for him to visit his children and walk away from them.  Megan and I knew we had to come up with something that could help change this.  To help family members or caregivers bring their children back home, with supplementary income assistance.    The twins were great, they seemed to have adjusted so well at home.  After visiting with them, it is clear the Father could really use some help through the sponsorship program.  Right now he doesn't have any consistant child care for Mebra and Isaac, so a big part of the sponsorship will go toward providing a house girl who will look after the twins while their Father is at work.  Simon will be meeting with Agatha and I on Monday morning to discuss sponsorship, and go over the contract.

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  1. I met Isaac and Mebra when they were one month old, and was able to care for them until I left four months later. I call them "my twins". I've been praying that they could go back to their father or be where someone could just love on them. Thanks for posting pictures, it is so good to see them growing up! =)