Thursday, January 6, 2011

More of You and less of me

1) Obukuumi Updates:

On Tuesday we visited Zahara at her home in Bugembe.  She is doing so well at home with her Mom.  She looks happy and healthy! 

We also visited Helen at her home in Masese on Tuesday.  She was sitting outside playing with her big sister and her neighbor friends.  We brought her a Christmas gift.  She loved it! She wouldn't take her eyes off it the whole time we were there.  Helen's Mom works and with the sponsorship money she was able to hire a house girl to watch her girls, and look after the house while she is gone.  Thank you, Auntie Jessie!

Other updates:  We are working on getting a few different children home right now.  Yesterday we were working on Ddembe's situation.  In the next two weeks we are making home visits to the villages where Alima, Moses, Henry, and Ddembe came from.  You can be praying for wisdom in these situations, for Agatha, myself, and others involved.   That we return these kids into homes where they will be well cared for and loved.  Some of the situations are just plain hard.  I ask you to lift up the kids who are already back home and adjusting.  The kids who will soon be returning home.  And for my opportunity to love these families like Jesus.  Especially those that are hard to love.  Because what am I doing here if my words and  my actions aren't pointing them to the cross?

2) An email I wrote to family/friends back home (Meg asked that I post it on here)

We wash clothes by hand and hang them up to dry on makeshift lines outside. (Recently Joanne has helped us with this task, it's been a HUGE blessing).  When we prepare meals, we really prepare meals.  As in going to market, buying fresh ingredients, and trying to get creative and make it taste good.  To get from point A to point B, we walk down our small dirt road to the main road.  We wait for a boda boda (motorcycle) without a passenger.  Or I ride my moped (when it’s working).  We’ve had a week with only a total of 24 hrs of power.  It is normal for the power to go off at 8pm and not come back until 8am.   When I do shower, it’s a cold shower.  I’ve had malaria 3 times.  Meaning I’ve had parasites reproducing in my blood cells.  This last time, they started going into my brain.  That’s why I was hallucinating, and didn’t know who I was.  I am so far from family and friends.  I spend my weekdays making home visits, and using any number of ways to communicate to people who don’t speak any English.  I get to be a part of  children returning home.  Children who were living in an orphanage, going back to live with relatives.  I get to love some of the neatest little people in the world.  I get to see children who were once lifeless, sick from HIV or malnourishment.  I get to see them make a full recovery.  I get to see them running around the yard, laughing and playing with the other kids.  Just as they should be. I am constantly challenged. That is my life here.

 I get to see God at work every day.  I get to be frustrated with Him.  I get to be in complete awe of Him.  I get to feel completely unprepared and unqualified for what He has sent me to do.  I get to grow more and more in Him, and rest in the fact that i am weak and He is strong.  I never ever could have seen my life looking like it does.  Thank goodness God had a plan for my life greater than I could have ever imagined.  I have no idea what the next few days will look like, much less the next few years.  I want what He wants for my life. That is it.

God this is my prayer:  Give me more of You and less of me.  Bring me to the hard places. The REALLY hard places. Help me love like You.  Help me to never think leaving my life in America behind and serving in Uganda is enough . Challenge me to give more of my time, more of my money.  Because it isn't really my time, or my money. Give me Your heart for Your children.  All of Your children.  Let my life be the light You require it to be, and nothing less.  Let anything good I do bring praise to You. Because You are good, and I am far from it.


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