Friday, May 6, 2011

Allan's Story

Now that I (Megan) am in Uganda and we have three people working on the sponsorship program we are going to be updating this blog a lot more. We are going to try and highlight each of our kids with fun pictures and more details about their stories and living conditions. Today we're telling you about Allan! His story is one of our favorite, and most encouraging.

His mother died giving birth to him and his father did not have the money to care for him so Allan was brought to an orphanage in Kampala. He was tranferred from that orphanage to Amani and Amani was told that Allan's father did not want him and that Allan could most likely be adopted. However when we went to meet with the father we discovered that Allan's father was IN LOVE with Allan and wanted nothing more than to be with him. We invited Allan's father to visit Allan at Amani and Kelsey says it was like a father meeting his newborn son- the Father could not stop staring at Allan and didn't want to leave. Allan's dad was excited about the sponsorship program and was soon bringing his son home with him for the first time in a year.

When we went to visit Allan yesterday we asked, "is this even the same child?" He had transformed from a quiet baby who rarely smiled to a little boy who couldn't stop smiling, laughing, and playing with his dad. He was so healthy, clean, and obviously well cared for.

Allan's father expressed to us how happy he was to have his son home and that "he can now laugh and talk with his son". He said when he lost his wife he was left with a two month old but now he "is finding it is not that hard... it is very nice" to care for Allan.

For Kelsey and me Allan's story is our dreams come true. We love that Allan's father is so loving and we are so blessed to be able to play a part in reuniting them together. Allan's story is one of many though that have made us stop and ask "what if we could have kept their seperation from ever happening in the first place?"

Thank you, Brian Nielsen for sponsoring and loving Allan!

Megan and Kelsey

Three months ago when Allan returned home

Allan when we visited him yesterday

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