Thursday, August 26, 2010

He Made All The Difference

She had no one. No father. No mother. People shook their heads in sympathy when she walked by. Kids avoided her, as if they could smell the death that had shaped her life up until then. She was lonely, confused, sad, and craving love more then water.

She can still remember the day her family assembled to decide what to do with her. She sat in the outer room, legs crosses, drawing circles in the dirt. Circles never ever end. Her pain had no ending point. She strained one ear towards the door as she heard them arguing about her. Her brother flat out refused- he didn't want a little kid running around. Her brother-in-law kindly stated he and his wife didn't have enough money to feed another mouth. She felt more and more pain as she became more and more convinced that no one in this entire world wanted her. The family broke out in argument, yelling at her brothers, because it was their job to take on the burden of this unwantd child. Then through the angry voices she heard one saying, "I want her. I will take her home. She will be a joy to me and my family." Mordecai stepped out the door, swooped her up in his arms, and took her HOME.

Years went by and Esther grew in beauty and spiritual maturity under the loving guidance of her Uncle/Father. She never doubted that she was loved because Mordecai's never treated her as anything less then a daughter. Esther was chosen to go to the King's palace and hand picked by the King from all the other beautiful woman of the land. She was crowned Queen. When the advisor to the King, Haman, plotted to kill the Jews Esther was in the position to step forward and save her people. Mordecai came to her and gave her the encouragement and support she needed to go before the King. She went before the King, Mordecai's prayers following behind her the whole way, and she saved the Jews.

She sat in the outer room, legs crosses, drawing circles in the dirt. She pressed her ear to the door and heard her relatives arguing about her. Her brother outright refused and she sat in the dirt listening as all her relatives talked him into it. They said it was his duty and they all refused to take her home so he was left with no choice. Esther grew up in a house where she was unwanted. Her brother later had his own children and they were treated like sons and daughters, while Esther was pushed aside. In her agony she escaped her brother's house by marrying the village butcher. One day she was doing errands in the village and she witnessed soldiers rounding up pretty virgins for the King. One stopped and asked her if she married, she nodded, and he moved on. Two years later she and all the Jews in Susa were dead.

The point I am trying to make is this: Mordecai made all the difference. I of course have no idea what would have happened had Mordecai not chosen to adopt Esther, and perhaps someone else would have stepped forward to save the Jews, but I do know Mordecai was essential in helping Esther carry out her destiny. Without Mordecai, Esther would never have had the support she needed to step out in fath and approach the King.

Our kids need a Mordecai. Many of the kids  in the sponsorship program have family members who, like Mordecai, want them but cannot care for them financially. Your sponsorship and donations will help them to do just that. Our kids are capable of so much, all they need is the support, love, and encouragement that can only be found in a family. Who knows- maybe one day they'll grown up to save their people.


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