Saturday, October 9, 2010

We need Sponsors!!!

Things are moving so much quicker then we thought and we need sponsors already! Praise God! (and pray for Kelsey since she's going a mile a minute!) Here are some FAQs about sponsorship to help you decide whether you want to be involved.


How much will sponsorship cost?
Sponsorship is $35 every month
What if I really want to help but can’t afford $35 a month?
Just e-mail us and let us know what you can afford and we’ll find someone to ‘share’ the sponsorship with you. Both you and your shared sponsor will receive updates on the child.
Where is my money going?
Generally $30 will be going towards the family’s needs, such as food, clothing, babysitting, etc… At least $5 will be going into the administrative costs of the sponsorship program. However each child’s sponsorship will look differently since each family’s needs are different. We promise to be open with you about how your funds are being used and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.
Tell me about the type of families that are typically enrolled in the sponsorship program.
Children who have family members who are alive and wanting to care for them, such as an aunt, uncle, father, or grandparents are typically enrolled in the program. We come alongside the families and evaluate what they need to bring their child(ren) home and with your sponsorship provide those needs. We provide monthly home visits to check up on the child. For families we have concerns about we raise the home visits to bi-weekly.
What kind of information will I receive about my child?
You will receive a photo of your child and basic information such as age, family situation, and likes or dislikes. Please do not post any information (including name and photo) about the child on the internet. Amani Baby Cottage and Obukuumi are very careful about protecting the privacy of the children in our care. You will also receive monthly e-mail updates on how your child is doing in their home written by Kelsey or our social worker.
Can I choose which child I would like to sponsor?
We prefer that you allow us to assign you the next child who is ready for sponsorship. We make exceptions for volunteers who have met and fallen in love with the children in our program, but for people who have not met the children we would rather you not choose a child based on how they look or what their name is. Thank you so much for understanding.

What if I sign up for sponsorship and then after a few month can no longer afford it? How long am I obligated to sponsor a child?

If at some point you become unable to sponsor just let us know. You can lower your monthly sponsorship by sharing it with another person (see above) or drop it completely. We understand that financial situations change and just ask that you give us as much advance notification as possible. When your child outgrows the program or no longer needs sponsorship we will let you know and give you the option to either drop sponsorship or be assigned another child. When you sign up for sponsorship you are not promising any specific amount of time. You sponsor the child as long as you are able to or until the child leaves the program.
I have another question not answered here.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us! By phone 703-725-2976

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