Monday, October 4, 2010

Our God is Healer, Awesome in Power

I arrived safely back in Jinja, Uganda on Friday morning. All 4 of my checked in bags got here as well! Three full days back and each day I am filled with more and more joy.  This is home again for the next 9 months :)

I was speaking with one of the new volunteers yesterday about how difficult it is to describe everything here.  How we wish we could bring everyone we know, to Jinja so that they could experience what we do every day.  No blog entry, email, or skype conversation can really paint you an accurate picture.  No video or photograph can accurately portray what we see here.  You have to feel the heat.  Smell the red dirt.  You have to walk along Lake Victoria as the sun rises, and just be in complete awe of God's creation.  You have to get peed, pooped, and snotted on constantly by beautiful babies.  You have to hold these kids in your arms, teach them in preschool, and put them to bed. You have to befriend strong Ugandan women who have lost their whole families to the rebels. The only way you could really understand all of the beautiful, painful, and frustrating things we are faced with every single day, you would need to hop on a plane and see for yourself.   BUT I will try my best to describe to you how faithful God has been in the last few days... Just know my words and pictures could never do it any justice.

I saw two children walk, and RUN.  Two kids who’s bodies when I left, were still so damaged from malnutrition, they weren’t even able to stand up.  I come back 5 months later, and Paul and Zarita were WALKING to me.  They were not stationary, sitting on the mat, hoping for an auntie or mama to come pay attention to them.  They could fight for attention like all the other kids.  They could play duck duck goose now.  They are full of life. They are WALKING.  Our God is so good.  He is HEALER. 

The day before I got back to Uganda, Dan went home with his Jaja (grandfather).  Dan is the 4 yr old boy who has my heart (just in case I haven't talked your ear off about him already).  Yesterday after church I was able to go visit Dan at his home in the village with my dear friend Susan.  It was beyond wonderful.  After 1 1/2 hours of driving through the sugar cane fields, and red dust, we finally go to his village. I cried, of course. I started talking to his Jaja.  He is SUCH A SWEET MAN. Susan translated because he doesn't speak English. I told him I am so happy Dan is home with his family. We talked about the sponsorship program, and I think Dan is going to be the first kid in the program!  The last few months I have seen just how perfect God's timing is. He is AWESOME in POWER.

 I am meeting with Danyne (the director at Amani), and Agatha (the social worker at Amani) this week to talk over details for the sponsorship program.  I am excited to see what God does through Obukuumi, what He allows me to be a part of.

They are trying to get most of these kids home by the time elections come around in February.  Election time can get dangerous (they also do not want volunteers here during that time).  Please be praying for the safety of the kids, and all of us here at Amani when that time comes.  Also that God's will would be done in whoever wins the election.

Thank you all for praying, supporting, and being so encouraging through out the last few weeks.  I can not thank you enough.


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  1. Think about all the miracles you've witnessed in just a few days? I cannot WAIT to see what God will do this year. Living for him is so rewarding. He takes my breath away : )