Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alice's Story

Alice and her diva self. braids, beads, and all!

Alice sitting with Auntie Megan looking over her exams from her first term in school!

Alice is so proud of her exams!

Alice and Auntie Kelsey

Alice and her Aunt

Alice is doing so well at home with her Aunt and 3 cousins in Mukono. When Megan and I visited their home last week, we were both so amazed at the transformation Alice has made since returning home with her family just a few months ago.  When we first met Alice she was very quiet.  She rarely spoke a word or even cracked a smile.  She never played much with the other kids.  She sat and watched, very distant and removed. 

We would never have guessed that the same girl who, a few months ago barely used her voice, would be flaunting her newly braided hair, proudly holding up her exams, and running around outside with her cousins and all the other neighbor kids.  It is so neat to see how natural it is for women like Alice's Aunt to take in children who are not their own.  To hear Alice call her "Mommy". She has taken on the responsibility of raising another child and loving her like her own daughter .  She uses the bulk of the sponsorship money to pay for Alice's school fees, and the remainder goes toward helping with food and medical costs.

Thank you, Wadsworth family for loving Alice, and making it possible for her to live back at home with her family and go to school!

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