Monday, June 20, 2011

Maggie's Story

She’s got to be the most beautiful kid in our program. She might be the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen. Maggie has captivated every volunteer, mama, visitor, and family member that has met her. She is beautiful, charming, and has the sweetest spirit. We visited her in her village last week and fell in love with her beautiful and kind grandmother. Her grandparents are full to bursting of personality… like they just stepped out of some American comedy with their quirky selves. 

Maggie’s mother went ‘mad’ (as they say here) and abandoned her in a village. Maggie’s paternal grandparents received word that their granddaughter was abandoned and went to retrieve her. However when they got to Maggie they saw that she was too sick for them to be able to care for her so Maggie was brought to Amani. Once Maggie got healthy at Amani her grandparents were ready to take her home and Maggie has flourished ever since. We have been excited to see how loving her family is towards her and to see them respond responsibly the few times Maggie has been sick.

Maggie loves to play with her cousins and help her grandparents out around the house. When we come to visit she is happy to see us come but also happy to see us leave. She is grateful for the gifts we bring and you can tell she has been taught good manners but she is so happy to be home with her family. 

Aren't I drop dead gorgeous?

 Loving the stickers we brought! (amazing photo cred to Elise Nielsen!)

 There's no place like home...

get it? Wizard of Oz anyone? Cheesy I know but we're loving the truth behind it :)

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