Thursday, July 14, 2011


If there ever was a little girl who thought she was a princess it would be Helene. The thing is she kind of it. Crazy beautiful, very lady like, and always comfortable letting people know her needs and wants. Helene charmed the hearts of the volunteers and workers at Amani and received lots and lots of love. But you could tell it somehow wasn't enough.

When we visit her at home with her mom we can tell she relished the attention. She looks at us with suspicious eyes and snuggles up closer to her mother. Her family tells us she loves playing with the other children in her neighborhood and you can tell she loves having a mom and a home all to herself. This little princess likes that she doesn't have to share with the other 30 kids at Amani :)

Helene came to Amani as a preemie because her mother was too sick after giving birth to her. In documents the mom was described as crazy. We believe now she may have been suffering from cerebral malaria or postpartum depression because she had proved herself very capable of caring for Helene now. We love how Helene's mother has fully taken on the responsibility of caring for Helene and caring for her well.

See what I mean about the beautiful Princess??

When I met her mom I immediately knew where Helene got her good looks from :) And look at how happy she is at home!


  1. Love this and I absolutely LOVE the work of Obukumi!!!

  2. Can I sponsor her directly? I volunteered at ABC in '09 and she stole my heart. I am glad to see she is still in loving arms!