Thursday, July 21, 2011


I don't know how to write this one.

This story that is simply not mine to tell. It is her's and I do not believe anyone but her has the right to share it.

So I will just say this...

Fazira has had a rough past but she is so JOYFUL and so RESILIENT. She blows me away with the grace that she handles each situation that is thrown her way.

Fazira is living with her uncle now and we are so excited to see her signature smile back on her face. Her uncle hadn't hear about or seen Fazira in years and yet he was willing to take her in an instant. During this visit they told us that Fazira's father had come to visit her and that Fazira had been excited to meet him and enjoyed his stay. We also go to meet Fazira's teacher who told us she is one of the brightest students in his class! (props to Amani preschool- he was impressed with what she had already been taught)

We are so happy she is in a home that is showing her love but our prayer continues to be that she would feel the comfort of her heavenly father and that he would be her healer.

We love this beautiful precious girl and can't wait to see how Jesus uses her special spirit.

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