Monday, August 1, 2011


As we round the corner a smiling, laughing little girl comes darting past. She stops as if she's just run into an invisible wall. Her eyes land on us and her face falls as she darts off in the opposite direction. Even our offers of sweeties do not convince her to come near. Her mother laughs and does her best to coax her back. Reluctantly Zahara leaves her friends to come into the house all while clutching her mother's dress.

Although I don't particularly enjoy scaring the smile off children's faces I love getting to see a child cling to their mother. A mother they grew up not knowing. A mother who believed she couldn't care for a child until she was given a second chance. Zahara is her mother's only child and there is no father in the picture. Although they have recently moved in which an aunt Zahara and her mom have such a special relationship because it is just the two them. A relationship I know Zahara will cherish.

Zahara's mother is sick and in all honesty I am not confident she will live to raise Zahara into adulthood. There are those who would say we were irresponsible to return Zahara home because of this. I disagree. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was three and died when I was six. The few and faded memories I have from those six years are precious to me... just as I know they will be precious for Zahara.

I look down at their beautiful faces. A mother and daughter living life. I pray for healing and health but if it doesn't come I want to look Zahara in the eyes and say...

Soak it up baby. Every moment. Every kiss. Every hug. These are the gifts God wants you to know... Because you have the right to know your mommy and she has the right to know you.

And I am so happy that you do.

Like I said she didn't want anything to do with us so I couldn't get any good photos. Sorry :)

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  1. Love this...totally made me cry!