Monday, August 29, 2011

Spotlight on Trevor!

I can’t write about Trevor without writing about this beautiful lady.

Trevor arrived at Amani a year and a half ago- just a few weeks after Kelsey and I arrived to volunteer for the first time. He was malnourished and terrified of his new surroundings. His mother was dead and his dad not in the picture. His grandmother was trying to care for Trevor and her dying husband but it all became too much for her. Trevor fell into a sickly state until his family brought him to Amani. The workers at Amani were so very loving and gentle with him but his condition was begging for some one on one care. My fellow volunteer, Alisa, met that need for Trevor.

Alisa poured out all her love for Trevor. She gave him cuddles each morning, knew exactly how to feed him so he didn’t throw it all up again, and taught him how to scoot around the floor. She was the Trevor expert and she and the workers quickly transformed him into a happy and healthy little boy.

And then she did the hardest thing. She left him. She was engaged to be married the following fall and knew Trevor was not meant to be hers- so she trusted God and went home. The months went by- months of sleepless nights missing and thinking about Trevor. When you love a child with your whole heart it isn’t easy to let go.

Today Alisa sponsors Trevor. Trevor’s grandfather passed away and now he is his grandmother’s only charge. He is very attached to her and his aunts- wanting NOTHING to do with us when we visit J He has remained happy and healthy and adjusted home beautifully.

We love this cute spunky little boy and we love how God has used such a variety of people to work in his life. We just know he is destined for some pretty amazing stuff!

Thank you Alisa for listening to God’s call and making a difference is this precious boy’s life.

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