Monday, October 10, 2011

Recent Home Visits

I never know what to expect when we go on home visits. Will the child run away screaming, burst into tears, become really shy, or run to greet us? It changes depending on the child, and it also varies month to month with the same child. Never a dull day!
Mebra and Isaac have both been having stomach trouble this month- pray for a quick recovery! Mebra ran away as soon as she saw us coming, but Isaac went inside and sat with us during the home visit. It's very clear that they are comfortable being at home.
Helen sat in her mother's lap throughout the visit holding her doll. Her big sister brought it outside to her, which was so sweet! They seem to have a really strong bond. I saw them running off to play together as we left. Helen has been healthy other than getting a cold.
When we went to visit Josephine in August, she ran away screaming at the sight of us. This month, she followed us inside, but kept her distance. I think her auntie gave her a good talking to after the last episode. :) Josephine recently had malaria but received treatment for it. Her family only has one mosquito net, and they use it to cover up the two month old triplets. The auntie looks well-recovered from her c-section, and seems to be getting into a routine with the three new additions to the family. She is most grateful for the money she now receives to help her care for the babies!
Zahara is doing so well at home. She played hide and seek, hiding behind a curtain and giggling while we talked with her mom. She has been healthy, but her mom has not been feeling well recently. Hopefully, she will start feeling better soon!

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