Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Update From Recent Home Visits!

Zurita is doing so well with her grandparents! She is always smiling, and so is her grandmother. I love it that she always puts her in "Sunday best" dresses to come visit us. Susan and I both agreed that she felt heavier than last month when we picked her up. Zurita is getting chubby, which we like to see! It made my heart happy to see her wearing the shoes that I bought her last month! (She had lost one on the bota ride over and I bought her a pair with elastic at the market).
Trevor was across the street when we arrived at his house, and he refused to come across the street to greet us. His Auntie Samba had to go and get him, and the closer he got to us, the more he started to squirm. He grows more shy of us every time we visit! I am so glad to see he is bonding with his aunties. Last month his Auntie told us that Trevor's father had harrassed them recently. He was upset that Trevor had been removed from Amani, and said that he wanted him to be adopted. We told her to let us know if this happened again, and to tell the father that if this was what he really desired for Trevor, he must come to Amani to talk with us. Auntie Samba told us they have not heard from him since last month, and we hope it continues to stay that way! Trevor is a happy, healthy boy. He finally consented to giving Susan a half-hearted "bonga," which made him (and us) smile. 
Suzan smiled so big when she first saw us coming- I was so glad that I had my camera out, because she quickly grew shy. She was only enticed to come inside by the sweeties Susan and I had for her- she was handed several, and immediately she turned around and shared them with her cousins. So sweet! Last month when we visited, she was still dealing with the flu and her chest was rattling. We were happy to hear that she has finished her flu treatment, and when I held her I could no longer feel the rattling. She just has a runny nose! Her grandmother accepted the sponsorship money, thanking us over and over for the work we do. Susan's response was spot on: she thanked her for taking care of Suzan, reminding her that she was doing the hard work as care taker from day to day! 
I am sorry to say that I do not have pictures of Zahara, Fazira, Alice, Josephine to update you with, because I was incredibly sick and didn't get to go on those home visits with Susan! I can tell you how they are doing thought!

Josephine- Susan said that she wasn't as shy this time, and even sat in her lap for the entire visit! Her cold is gone, which is good news. The triplets are still having health complications, but have gained weight. Obukuumi is now giving Josephine's aunt 30,000 extra shillings per month that will allow her to hire a house girl, to help with the triplets. She is so relieved! Auntie Sarah has pretty much healed from her C-section, and did not seem tired like last visit.

Alice- Alice got so excited when she saw Susan coming that she started dancing! Because the sponsorship money was two weeks late in coming, Alice had had to miss two weeks of school. Both auntie and niece were thrilled that she could go back to school now.

Fazira- Susan reported that she was happy and healthy when she visited. In her words, "Fazira is a jolly, stubborn girl." I have not gotten to meet this sweet girl yet, so I am very much looking forward to next month's visit!

Zahara- When Susan went to go visit her, Zahara was at home alone. Her mother had gone to look for money to pay for her own ARV's. Susan (the mom) came to Amani the following day. Since last visit, the two had moved to the apartment they showed us. She told Susan (our social worker) that a family next door who happen to have a child at Amani had been harassing her. They believe that she has moved next door so that she can report them to the police, and told her if this happened, she would be arrested too. Susan consulted with Mama Agatha (the head social worker at Amani) and both agreed that it was best for Zahara and her mom to move again. Hopefully she will do so as soon as possible. We will check on this at next month's visit.


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