Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can we take in Your light, so we can shine like You?

Sam and Uncle Miracle.  Sam is a total orphan.  Miracle is the one who found Sam, and he and his wife want to raise him.  Miracle and his wife don't have any children of their own.   On Friday, Miracle says that he considers Sam "his first born".   It was so neat to see Sam playing tag with his Dad.   I am making a home visit on Tuesday to their home.  They want to have Sam home by Christmas :)

Josephine is the newest addition to our sponsorship program.  She went home to live with her Aunt Sarah (pictured above) on Friday!  Please be praying for Josephine and her family as they adjust to their new life with Josephine at home.

Last week we made a home visit to Maggie's home in Igluibi.  We spoke to the Grandparents about Maggie starting school in February.  They said there is a nursery school nearby that we will be able to visit and hopefully get her enrolled next month.

Fazira and her Jjaja.  Mama Agatha and I brought Fazira home on Thursday.  She was so excited to be home, we sat and drank sodas together.  We signed the sponsorship contracts, and prayed together.  They gave me a jackfruit to thank me for bringing Fazira back home.  Lovely people, really.  Please be praying for Fazira as she adjusts to her new life.

Last week we visited Dan.  He is doing so well at home with his Grandparents.  He is happy and running around outside every time I have been to visit. Next month we will also be going to the nursery school near Dan's home, to get him registered for the next term beginning in February.  

Things are going well with the sponsorship program, we had 3 children go home last week (Fazira, Ditte, and Josephine).  Esther is going home with her Jjaja on Monday.  Susan and Sam are scheduled to go home by the end of December.  Gift and Alice will also be officially signed up for sponsorship by the end of next week, as we make need assessments based on what home visits and meetings with the relatives.

You can be praying for theses kids and their families as they are experiencing some pretty big changes. Leaving the home they have known (Amani) and going back to live in the village with their caregivers.  Pray that we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with these families as we come alongside them and help them bring their children home.

I want to thank all those who have been praying for us here. The sponsors who have already signed up, those considering. And all those who have donated to Total Family Outreach/Obukuumi.  It is encouraging for Megan and I to have people as excited about bringing these kids back home as we are.  Each time we make a home visit, sign a sponsorship contract, or get to see a child go home.  Know that you are part of it.



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